CashApp (a Venmo-like app, owned by Square), sends $10 referral bonus when you signup ($5 to referrer and $5 to you). Referrers are asked to donate the proceeds to the campaign and post it on their social media on daily basis. Here's how it works: both you and referrer earn $5 when you signup AND apply referrer's code AND when you send the referrer $5. You will get $5 from CashApp as soon as you send $5 to the referrer. You can immediately withdraw the $5 after you receive the bonus. Must have a debit card.

Step 1) Download cashapp: ...

Step 2) Apply referral code: ... Must apply or you will not get a referral bonus! See image below on how to do this.

Step 3) Send $5 to referrer: ... Sending $5 is your own money, but don't worry, CashApp will send you $5 referral bonus instantly and you can withdraw right away.

Step 4) Withdraw $5 (signup bonus) to your bank account Sending $5 to the referrer triggers $5 signup bonus on your account instantly, then you can withdraw immediately.

Step 5) At the end of each day, will post their donation here:

How to enter referral code:
Fundraised through this app(Updates daily):

Discussion on Reddit: reddit.com/r/.../donate_10_without_spending_a_dime_via_cashapp/
Discussion on Twitter: twitter.com/kathrynacullen/status/1226996044233244674

Disclaimer: The referrer has no requirement or obligation to donate the proceeds, referral bonus or the money you send. This is based only on good faith. If you've double maxed, please do not participate at this time.